An X user shared that a man attempted to defraud his business by buying two iPhone 14 pro max phones using fake notes only to end up a punchline to a bad joke.An X user named Seandon23rd shared that they received messages from a man claiming to have seen their adverts on Facebook. He then asked them to deliver 2 iPhone 14 Pro Max phones to Chitungwiza. However, the businessman talked his potential customer into meeting him at Coca-Cola along Chitungwiza Road.

Three guys came to meet them for the transaction, and the potential two customers asked Seandon to get into their car for privacy. However, Seandon opted for them to get into his vehicle, which they did.

The three men then checked the gadgets, and when they were satisfied, they started counting the money. When the seller was handed the notes, he immediately noticed they were fake $50.

Realising they had been caught, the three tried to escape, but the seller and his partners managed to drive them to the Central Police Station.

In a video released on social media, one of the three who claimed to be the customer tried to explain his way out to a police officer. He claimed to have just arrived from South Africa and had been given the notes at the airport. He says he was trying to get gadgets for his family and had no idea the notes were fake.The notes and the guys were handed over to the police, and the seller warned people in business to stay alert for such crimes.