Gospel musician Mambo Dhuterere has scoffed at social media claims that he was deserted by his wife after he allegedly impregnated a woman from his church.

Social media platforms have been awash with claims that Dhuterere’s wife and his alleged side chick clashed at an unnamed carwash after she discovered her husband’s alleged infidelity.

Mambo Dhuterere’s recent announcement that he had been depressed mentally, emotionally, and spiritually only added fire to the rumours.

But in a post on his Facebook page this Wednesday, 01 November, the “Dare Guru” hitmaker, whose real name is Darlington Mutseta, said he was shocked that some people were believing the rumours without a shred of evidence. Said Mambo Dhuterere:

"Hatina zvatingakuitewo kana muchi believer nyaya dzisina kana evidence🤷isu tichiri pamwe kuno.. pa carwash pajekerere pogoita noise madam, girlfriend na mambo poshaya anotorawo video?.. anouya ne evidence ye fight pa carwash, yekuti madam is in Botswana now or takaparadzana, any lady ane mwana we public DNA or humbowo hwe affair with any of vakadzi vakupostwa avo ndomupa mota iri worth 20K… listen, tobhaiza too bad l admit am never perfect, that’s being human, but kana musati mandibata musamanikidzire😂😂 muchandibata henyu ende mukandibata ndobvuma.. nzwiraiwo tsitsi vana vevanhu vamunopinza munyaya idzi for views, ma love nema like, varikunzii so far kwavanogara vachinzi makaputsa imba yevanhu dziri nhema…"

There is nothing that we can do if you believe allegations without evidence, (I and my wife) are still together.

Can you imagine that there would be a fracas at a carwash in full public view, where my wife, the alleged girlfriend and I, allegedly clashed, and no one records a video of the incident?

Why didn’t someone bring the evidence that there was a fight at a carwash? Or that my wife is now in Botswana or that were separated?

If there is any lady who claims that I impregnated her, let her bring the child so that we go for a DNA test and we publicise the results.

If anyone provides evidence that I had an affair, I will give them a car valued at US$20 000.

Listen, I make mistakes, l admit I am never perfect, that’s being human, but if you don’t have evidence, don’t force it.

I know one day you will catch me (apparently, tongue in cheek) and I will definitely admit it.

Please, consider the ladies whose reputation you soil in order to increase your visibility on social media platforms.

Imagine, what they have to go through as a result of the unsubstantiated allegations. You may destroy people’s marriages with these false allegations.