Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader Prophet Magaya has again came back with another gimmick and now claims to heal people through a stone.

Magaya who made headlines when he traveled to Israel with a satchel full of paper prayer request is not new to scandals, recently he made kids pay $20 to try for a place to play for Juventus.

In his new gimmick Magaya says if you touch the stone, you’ll be healed and as expected, many flocked his Ministry to lay their hands on the rock.

The stone placed on the alter has been described as a special stone, according to Magaya’s church social media pages.

“The special stone at the altar is packed with the power of God.

“To our special guest house visitors coming this weekend, get ready for the power of God. To all givers, prepare for a divine encounter, reads one of the posts.