Sungura music singer Alick Macheso is oiling up his machinery for his upcoming 13th album set for release on June 7.

During his live shows recently at Tanza Centre in Chitungwiza and Kasi Kasi Bar in Mabvuku, which were both fully packed, Macheso took time to sample some of his beats and voices that are going to feature on his album.

Speaking on the sidelines of the show, Macheso said this year will be amazing, as his fans should expect an extraordinary project.

“You have heard some of the voices and beats that are going to feature on my upcoming project, you can see that I’m going to come up with hits,” he said.

“Everything is in the right direction, the album will be released on June 7 without fail.”

Also called Baba Sharo by his fans, Macheso has yet to announce the album title and its tracks because he is afraid of piracy.

“Recently, there were so many cases of copyrights and piracy, it’s sad to see your work being stolen by someone who did not contribute even a single coin in the studio to record it,” he said.

“In Zimbabwe, we have so many lazy people who are not shy to steal, so I will announce the album title and its tracks on the date of release.”

Once after released, Macheso will take his album to all corners of the country and to overseas.

“We are going to have album tours just after we release it, we are going travel the whole country and also overseas to market it,” he said. “Last time we did very well, so I’m optimistic that this time again we can do the same.”

Macheso believes the new album will sell more than his previous one, “Tinosvitswa Nashe” in 2022 which came just after the Covid-19 pandemic which almost killed the music industry.

“Our last project was sold very well, but I think this new one will surpass it because there is no Covid-19 pandemic this time around,” he said. “The industry is now stable, I believe we can pocket good money.”

The “Tafadzwa Nyarara” hitmaker, who has been in the industry for over 25 years, feels still fresh and believes is still far from hanging up his trade.

“I’m not tired of having over 25 years in the game, I still have the energy to continue,” he said. “If God grants me a gift of life I want to have 25 more years. Although I have achieved a lot in the industry I’m still thirsty for more.”

The music legend recently unleashed his sons, Esau and Tatenda to the music industry.

He believes if he can quit music today, sungura is in safe hands, as it cannot go with him because there are many promising talents in the industry.

“If I die today I cannot be buried with sungura because we have so many talents in our industry,” he said.

“Besides Esau and Tatenda, we have the likes of Mark Ngwazi, Tatenda Pinjisi, and many more who can keep the industry burning.”

The 56-year-old is worried about sons and daughters of music legends who are failing to continue with the legacy of their late parents.

So many musicians like the late James Chimombe, John Chibadura, and Cephas Mashakada left their children in the music industry, but they are failing to do well.

“Some of the legends were buried with their fame, their children are failing to continue with that fame,” said Macheso.

“We have few in the industry who are doing very well.

The likes of Peter Moyo, Morgan and Tendai Dembo, Sulumani Chimbetu are trying their best to keep the legacy of their parents.”

Macheso encouraged his colleagues in the music industry to nurture their children so that when they die, they can carry on the legacy.

“You see, today I’m with my sons Esau and Tatenda on stage, this is to mentor them so that when I pass away my fans will not miss me,” he said.

“My message to my colleagues is that they have to nurture their children today so that when they pass on their legacy will be in safe hands.”