Kambucha energy drink brewing company, Success Two, was on Wednesday this week dragged before the Magistrates Court in Harare for allegedly employing refugees who escaped from Tongogara Refugee Camp without work permits.

Success Two was represented by Fabian Ndayishimire who appeared separately with Rwandese and Congolese refugees who were arrested on allegations of working without permits.

Mukantwali Alphonsie, Masumbuko Mathias, Valentine Kabwe, Habimana Francis and Nyendwa Faustina appeared before Magistrate Yeukai Dzuda who granted them US$50 bail each.

The magistrate remanded the matter to 28 September 2023.

Dzuda ordered that the suspects should return to Tongogara Refugee Camp where they had escaped from.

The court heard that on 16 September, a team comprising police officers, staff from the Immigration Department and the President’s Office arrested Mukantwali at the Success Two company factory in Willowvale, Harare.

It is further alleged that Mukantwali was working at the company but did not have papers authorising her presence in Harare or to engage in employment.

She allegedly left Tongogara Refugee Camp without the knowledge of authorities as required by law.

Mukantwali’s accomplices who had also escaped from the refugee camp were also arrested.

The refugees were represented by Ashirl Mugiya.