A group of Israelis businessmen allegedly swindled of US$3 million by Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder, Prophet Walter Magaya has vowed to get back their money, whatever it takes.

They said in a statement to The Mirror that they would drag Magaya to international courts if they don’t get relief from local courts generally viewed as captured.

In addition to dragging Magaya to court, the statement said the businessmen are preparing for the arrest of the man of cloth.

The businessmen who gave the cash to Magaya through Ambassador Ronny Levi, Musan, the Consul General of Zimbabwe in Israel appointed by President Mnangagwa declared that they have the muscle to deal with Magaya.

“If we do not receive justice, we have all the power and financial capabilities to sue him in international courts. We will not give up on our honour and our money in any way”.

They expressed shock that there are prophets in Zimbabwe who have the audacity to use God’s name to swindle investors of cash.

They were also astounded by businessmen who abuse pictures of them taken with President Mnangagwa to decieve foreign investors.

It’s time for people to realise that not everyone who takes a picture with the President has the integrity of the President”.

Magaya allegedly received the money for a joint gold mining project where he would get 57% shares and the Israelis 43%.

Magaya allegedly disappeared after getting the money and started changing his cellphone number frequently. Strange to the investors, Magaya allegedly offered the Consul General $500 000 of the US$3 million.