Hopewell Chin’ono Offers a Glimpse of His Dream Home as He Lists Colne Valley Chispite House for Sale

Award-winning Zimbabwean journalist and activist, Hopewell Chin’ono, recently provided a sneak peek of his upcoming home as he put his current house in Colne Valley Chispite up for sale.

Those interested in purchasing the three-bedroom house in Chisipite will have to part with a mouthwatering USD 550,000 or slightly over R10 million.

Hopewell Chin’ono Sets the Record Straight: Why He’s Selling His Beautiful Chispite House

Speculation had been swirling about Chin’ono’s intentions, with many believing that he might be planning to leave Zimbabwe. However, he addressed this in a lighthearted manner on his X account on Wednesday, clarifying his reasons for selling his house. He stated,

“So my home is on the market for sale, and many of you asked me if I was doing a runner. I am selling because I bought elsewhere, so I want to unlock the money in my old home and invest it in others things. I am not running away, Zimbabwe is my home that I will never abandon,” Chin’ono said.

Furthermore, Chin’ono gave a glimpse of the property he hopes to purchase once the sale of his Chispite residence is finalized. Despite receiving compliments about the beauty of his current home, he expressed his desire to acquire an even more stunning property. The journalist asked his social media followers,

“Many of you have said I shouldn’t sell my home because it is too beautiful. Much respect for such kind words. What do you think of my soon to be new home?”

You can view images of the house below: