He has had me sent to jail giving judges instructions to do so, a magistrate can even adjourn for 20minutes to go to the john just to phone him for what to do next, grown man come to court to tell lies.

l should sue him for adultery for what he is doing with that girl that has been courting him for many years,he used to tell me how much he hated her and she would bring him gifts including clothes and we would burn them, this was around 2011 and he refer to as Zwangendaba.

if he no longer wants me as a wife why not,go through the proper procedure of division of property, custody of our kids and whatever else,he used me to have children nekuti mskana uyo haazvere ingomwa. he wants me dead and buried and he won’t rest until its done…

l was naive to actually believe that he loved me and he was in-love with me and yet he was using me,my heart is broken, l just want my children and my properties from him and nothing else. l hope the President knows that he is dealing with ‘the devil in uniform’.

my case is no longer a family issue, it is now a national issue because everything that my husband is doing is resourced by government, truth be told about my issues with him ZACC should arrest him for corruption… he is not a catholic, he doesn’t know GOD…

My husband must be man enough to make it official that we are no longer together, leaving apart does not make things official. l don’t know which ‘GOUPIRO’ that he talks about because we never saw it but only heard about it through social media.abuse of authority

we need to go through a divorce were there is division of properties,custody of our 3kids that he has denied me access to. l want for him to pay me maintance for every month since 2019 as l have no source of company because he has posted soldiers to my place of work

was a good yf, l was a great mother, l was not perfect but l did the best of my ability. looking at it now l see the Camilla and Charles in your current arrangment, you had hoped l would be dead by now, how unfortunet on your part. a proper divorce, custody.

When leadership becomes readership it means we are going nowhere slowly, l am amazed by the silence of the women in this country, it scares me, it’s absurd, none can come up and stand-up to say this bullshit must end, l have been tourtued, l have been abused.