A 63-year-old Hwange man was last week sentenced to 20 years behind bars for raping his 15-year-old cousin.

Hwange Regional Magistrate Mr Mark Dzira jailed Finias John Nyathi whilst conditionally suspending five years on usual condition and 15 years effective imprisonment.

Prosecutor Miss Charline Murove told the court that during the month of June 2022, the juvenile was left in the custody of the convict who then proceeded to her bedroom hut where she was sleeping.

He then opened the door and entered, then saw the complainant lying on her bed and proceeded to her.

Accused person then closed the complainant’s mouth with one hand whilst complainant was screaming and lying on her back facing upwards.

The accused person then raped her once and went away

The complainant lit a torch and illuminated the room and saw his step grandfather.

The complainant told her step father about the ordeal but he ignored it.

Matter came to light when the complainant visited her aunt Precious Mwembe and told her the whole story who then proceeded to ZRP Dete where a formal report of rape was filed.

Investigations were then made leading to the arrest of the accused person.

The adolescent was referred to St Patrick’s Hospital for medical examinations which revealed evidence of penetration.