There are rural teachers who are struggling to transfer from rural to urban areas for more than ten years.

Some of the rural teachers are disabled, have children with disabilities, have children with mental illnesses and are married.

Since dollarisation period in Zimbabwe, 2009 to 2013 a transfer from rural to urban was bribed around $300 to $500 United States dollars. Most poor rural teachers failed to transfer due to the exorbitant bribe fees charged by Human Resources Officers in the Education system.

The culture of paying for a transfer has been inherited upto now. Most rural teachers who refused to be named who transferred from all the provinces in Zimbabwe said they paid bribes to be transferred last year.

Government should take charge of public service office bearers who abuse their offices by abusing teachers and taking bribes from poor rural teachers.

Some of the rural teachers have no houses, stands because they receive information late about teachers benefits in the city. Spare poor teachers office bearer’s. They have no shame living luxurious life’s because of taking from the poor.

Public office bearers should be audited their lifestyles. Government should stop this in the Education system rotten syndicates of rural transfers.