A man was involved in a heated argument with his wife after his girlfriend phoned while they were having quality time, ran berserk, and smashed a TV set and water glasses on the floor.

This was heard when Create Ncube (27) of the Tshabalala suburb appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Mehluli Ncube facing a charge of malicious damage to property.

He pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced to nine months in jail. Three months were suspended on condition that he does not commit a similar offence within a period of five years.

The additional three-month sentence was suspended on condition that Ncube restitutes the amount of US$103 being the value of destroyed property.

Additionally, the court suspended another three-month sentence on condition that he completes 105 hours of community service at Mtshane Primary School.

In his plea for leniency, Ncube expressed remorse for his actions and acknowledged that his behaviour was fuelled by intoxication.

He also apologised to his wife and pleaded with the magistrate not to jail him saying he was the sole breadwinner. Testifying in court his wife said: “We no longer have a TV at home after he came home drunk from a night out and shouted at me before he smashed it on the floor together with water glasses.

“I’m also not satisfied with his apology and I want him to take responsibility for his actions by replacing the property he damaged.”