Temba Mliswa, an Independent Zimbabwean legislator, has called on President Emmerson Mnangagwa to publicly address the allegations made in Al Jazeera’s Gold Mafia documentary. The documentary accused members of Zimbabwe’s First Family and senior government officials of involvement in gold laundering and money laundering.

Though Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa claimed the government is investigating the allegations, President Mnangagwa himself has remained silent on the matter. Mliswa, in his role as a legislator, questions why Mnangagwa has not personally addressed the allegations instead of just responding through his spokesman.

Mliswa argued that the businessmen featured in the documentary, like Ewan MacMillan and Simon Rudland, did not actually break any laws since they were simply seizing business opportunities. However, he emphasized that the onus remains on Zimbabwe’s leadership to provide an official response to the accusations.

Mliswa was expelled from Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU-PF party in 2015 due to allegations of factionalism, insubordination and undermining party authority. He now serves as an Independent legislator.