Former Chivi South MP, Killer Zivhu (ZANU PF) has claimed that villagers now prefer barter trade than accept payment for their products in Zimbabwe Dollars.

Zivhu, who was expelled from ZANU PF after he called for dialogue between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and CCC leader Nelson Chamisa, also said touts now measure the local currency in kilogrammes. He said:

Manga muchiziva here kuti kumamisha, vava kuti marara RTGs, hanzi noumwe Hwindi chingopekai Bond muma 1kg, kombi yava kuita 1kg bond, mumwe muchembere hanzi zviri nani, kundipa 2kg ye sugar ndokupa mugomo we mbambaira, mari inorambiwa chero ne benzi hanzi haitengi. (Did you know that villagers are now saying the Zimbabwe Dollar is now rubbish? One kombi tout said pack ZimDollar notes in 1kg packs because a ride now costs a kilogramme of Zimbabwe dollars. An elderly woman said it is better to give her a 2kg packet of sugar for her bucket of sweet potatoes. Imagine, a currency that even a madman rejects!

Some manufacturers are reportedly refusing payment in Zimbabwe dollars for some products which are now exclusively available in foreign currency.

The Zimbabwe dollar has been in free-fall over the past few months after the Government tweaked the forex auction system.

Last week, the RBZ set the official exchange rate at US$1: ZW$5 900 while the street rate was hovering at US$1: ZW$9 000.

However, some large retailers were using at least US$1: ZW$10 000 for selected products.

Popular fast-food outlets were rejecting the local currency on the pretext that their point-of-sale machines were not working and therefore could not accept swipe and EcoCash payments.