Outgoing European Union (EU) Ambassador to Zambia, Dr. Jacek Jankowski, told President Hichilema in his final official press conference at State House that his “efforts are really highly appreciated by the European Union”.

Dr. Jankowski is departing after serving the EU in Zambia for four years. He identified that Zambia has become a beacon of democracy and a voice for Africa, adding that, under HH’s leadership, Zambia has “a very loyal friend in the European Union”.

He spoke proudly of his time working in Zambia. He said, with emotion in his voice, that he was “very grateful for what I received from Zambia and Zambian people”. He described Zambia as an “amazing country”, adding that he “was blessed to be posted here”.

President Hichilema thanked Dr. Jankowski for all he has done for Zambia. He noted how Dr. Jankowski “facilitated this President’s visit in June 2022 to the EU Council meeting”, and his presentation before the European Parliament. He noted that “behind the scenes, to get all those EU MPs seated in Parliament that day was quite an achievement.”

President Hichilema recognised Dr. Jankowski’s role in granting Zambia new opportunities. He recalled that, before the ambassador arrived, a chance to speak before the European Parliament “was not available before […] now it is available thanks to your efforts”.

HH also stressed Dr. Jankowski’s support in repatriating Zambian citizens from Ukraine “arising from that unnecessary war”. President Hichilema insisted that he would “follow Kaunda’s footsteps, our first President, that peace secures stabilities with everything”.

President Hichilema thanked the EU for playing a part in strengthening Zambia’s democratic practices. He encouraged the incoming team to follow their predecessors’ path, and invited them to engage all stakeholders, including Zambian opposition leaders, in the pursuit for flawless democracy.