A Grade 1 teacher from St Martin is set to appear in court today for assaulting her pupil in class.

St Martin’s Convent Primary School’s Grade 1 teacher is being accused of b3ating a child using a blackboard ruler. The child failed to answer a question during class and was stuttering when the teacher, Audrey Bayana, beat him.

The pupil got injuries on his right eye after the assault, which led the parent to report the matter to the police. According to source, the case was reported to Braeside Police Station under case number RRB 5695394.

According to sources, the child refused to go to school after he was assaulted, which alarmed the parents of the case. The teacher and headmistress engaged the parents and tried to reason with them after they reported the matter to the police.

Failed attempts between parents and school to settle outside court

Bayana also offered to meet the medical costs for the sustained injury, but she never did. This further angered the parents, who took the matter to the headmistress and district office.

The parent kept making follow-ups on the matter till the investigating officer arrested Audrey Bayana. Bayana is expected to appear in court today for her hearing.

Recently, there has been a rise in cases of corporal punishments gone wrong. A few weeks ago, a parent b3at his child to d3ath for stealing mealie meals and cooking oil to play pretend. The father was arrested for m_rder in a case that was just supposed to be child punishment.

In another case, a child d!ed at the hands of her aunt and uncle after they used an electricity cord to deliver a b3ating as punishment. The two attempted to flee to South Africa but were caught and arrested by the police after crossing the border.