Residents in Gauteng were shaken awake in the early hours of Sunday morning as a 4.7 magnitude earthquake hit the East Rand area.

Some videos posted on social media showed a sustained shaking, in what one Twitter user described as a "moving train".

Automated and preliminary information recorded by the Council of Geoscience indicated a 4.7 magnitude earthquake on Gauteng's East Rand during the pre-dawn hours of Sunday.

The council's website listed the location of the quake as coordinates located in Alberton.

Information on the website indicates that the quake is yet to be confirmed by a seismologist and the time of the seismic activity was listed as 02:38 South African time.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) also recorded the quake.

Its initial information on the seismic event indicated it was just below a magnitude 5 quake.

The USGS page stated that the quake had been "reviewed".

Residents in parts of Gauteng were awoken from their sleep, with some people reporting their walls shaking.

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