There was drama that sh0cked a Mufakose neighbourhood when a nɑkǝd woman was found in a sangoma’s yard on Saturday morning.

The woman reportedly fell from a winnowing basket at around 3am and identified herself to police as Ida Febi Zimbani.

She claimed that she was flying to Mt Darwin with her colleagues when she crashed into Kudzai Chifombo’s yard. Witnesses reported that the woman said they were going to a funeral to eat human flesh.

The police interrogated her to find out if she had not lost her senses. Some people in the crowd that gathered outside Chifombo’s yard wanted to attack her, but they were dispersed by the police.

Chifombo revealed that they called the police to avoid any harm to the woman. 

Although the residents destroyed the beads on her waist, hands and neck, Chifombo said the woman had no case.

The police took Idah to Marimba Police Station.

“Ari kuti haasi kufara nezvaaitwa nevamwe vake. Hanzi vamukandira panze and it was the first time this had happened,” said a witness.

“People suspect that she is a witch and it seems mishonga yake yakurirwa neyamai vepamba apa since vanoita zvehun’anga.

“Neighbours heard noise of something falling down around 3am, but they did not bother only to find this nɑkǝd woman in the yard around 5am. She was then taken into a toilet to hide her nɑkǝdness.”

Chifombo said:

“We had to call the police since tiri vanhu vanoita zvechivanhu saka tinenge tichirwisa neimwe mweya isingade kuona tichibudirira uye tiri kutambura hatizoziwe manje kuti mhepo dzacho dzinenge ndzichibva kupi.

“We wanted police to disperse the people because they could have ended up killing her. We wanted her to go back to her house.”

She narrated how Idah fell.

“We heard some weird noise, but did not think it was something serious. Tangofunga kuti ikatsi or imbwa yadonhawo.

“We then found this woman looking dazed in the yard. Where was she going at such an hour without clothes if she is not a witch.

“Atambira kusingatambirwe ndosaka adonha. Pano panoitwa zvechivanhu saka mishonga yake yakundwa simba, afambira kunopisa,” Chifombo said.

— HMetro