In a recent development, law enforcement officials successfully intercepted a truck at a roadblock, leading to the recovery of Presidential inputs. The incident took place on Sunday, as confirmed by a statement issued by the police.

According to the statement, the police deployed at Sesame Business Centre roadblock apprehended a Scania Truck that was transporting a consignment of inputs destined for Harare from Chitekete, Gokwe. The seized cargo consisted of 30 bags of Compound D Superfert, each weighing 50 kilograms.

The prompt action taken by the police demonstrates the commitment to safeguarding the proper distribution and utilization of resources allocated for national initiatives.

“On 12/11/23, members of the Police who were deployed at a roadblock at Sesame Business Centre intercepted a Scania lorry and recovered Presidential inputs comprising 30 X 50 kilogrammes of Compound D Superfert which were being delivered from Chitekete, Gokwe to Harare,” reads the police statement.