Detectives investigating Takudzwa Ngadziore’s abduction rang the CCC MP Friday requesting log-in details of the young lawmaker’s private Facebook account ostensibly to draw some raw data in a viral video footage he boldly filmed live as he was being snatched by his armed captors in broad daylight last month.

Ngadziore said Friday a detective from Harare’s CID Law and Order Division also sought further interviews with him on the matter.

“The CID Law and Order department engaged in a bid to access account details of my Facebook account which I used to capture my abduction live, in the process alerting the whole world about my ordeal,” he said.

“They said their cyber department can only use this evidence after they get it from the source.”

Ngadziore declined to share information relating to privacy adding that this could be an attempt by police to scuttle investigations into what should ordinarily be a straightforward matter in a case where Zimbabwe’s police force has shown reluctance to prosecute criminal matters involving perpetrators linked to the Zanu PF led authority.

“I clearly told them I have no intention to share such details with them if they need account.

“I strongly feel if at all they have real intentions of collecting the evidence, they can still download the images which are still on my timeline,” he said.

Police also said they were keen to conduct further interviews with the politician over the matter but he said he could only avail himself in the presence of his lawyer.

“I sense all this is a deliberate ploy to either derail or slow down the process of acquiring justice.

“In other countries, the perpetrators would have been apprehended by now with investigations also at a later stage.

“It is disheartening that in our case, the police show no real intentions to have this matter dealt with,” he said.

Ngadziore was seized by his captors early last month who left him for dead and needing treatment after subjecting him to acts of torture.

They were later identified as Nicholas ‘Big Daddy’ Kajese and Abraham Pasi, both said to be state security agents.

Despite evidence of the abuse, police initially said they could not act as the politician has not formally placed a report on his attack.

The abuse followed systematic attacks on opposition activists who later report harrowing experiences of torture in the hands of their captors.

Activists who have experienced the ordeal say they are further injected with a substance which the opposition believes could be a toxin likely to have harmful health effects over a period.

There have been no arrests on perpetrators of the attacks.