CIVIL servants have been urged to prepare themselves for life after retirement and avoid cases of depression and disgruntlement.

Many times when retirement age looms, most people are found unprepared for life outside the working environment.

The depression and sadness that is coupled with retirement has led to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade to organise an engagement meant to prepare its workers for this inevitable phase of life, with civil servants grateful for the insightful lessons.

“One has to be prepared for retirement time so that we give the young people a chance as well,” said one of the civil servants.

Another added, “Retirement preparations must begin the day one starts working because time moves so fast. Once retired, we should be prepared to give back to the country.”

“Retirement is a good time for a person to begin new ventures not a time of sadness and regret. There is a lot to do to avoid feeling lost and left out after retirement such as business,” another reiterated.

Speaking at a pre-retirement planning workshop in Bulawayo this Wednesday, Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Ambassador Rofina Chikava implored civil servants to continue being of service to the country even after retirement.

“It does not mean when you are retired you are rendered useless. As diplomats and civil servants, your experience goes a long way towards developing the nation,” said the Ambassador.

The age of retirement as stipulated by the government is 65 years.