James Gwati-Vice President Constantino Chiwenga and his wife, Colonel Miniyothabo Baloyi, are criticised for allegedly involving a national programme accused of bribing traditional leaders.

The controversial move came to light when the duo Friday commissioned a nutritional garden and borehole at SINGWANGO 1 Primary School under Chief Sibasa in Matabeleland South province, where they are accused of attempting to influence the local chief with maise seeds.

The borehole, drilled on September 14 and equipped with two 10,000-litre tanks, was part of the allegedly manipulative scheme.

The Vice President and Amai Chiwenga, leading a delegation, toured the nutritional garden and unveiled a plaque at the school during a commissioning ceremony attended by hundreds of people, including government officials.

Critics argue that the villagers’ expressions of gratitude to Amai Chiwenga were merely a result of the alleged bribe.

They claim that the borehole and garden, initially portrayed as acts of kindness, were manipulative gestures to gain favour.

While the villagers acknowledged the potential improvements to their livelihoods, sceptics question the motives behind the Chiwengas’ actions, suggesting that it may be a ploy to secure political support rather than genuine concern for the community.

The commissioning ceremony, which included the presence of Matabeleland South Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister Dr. Evelyne Ndlovu and Deputy ICT Minister Dingumuzi Puthi, has raised eyebrows regarding the involvement of high-ranking officials in what some perceive as a questionable initiative.

Critics argue that Vice President Chiwenga’s emphasis on teaching children about agriculture and self-sustainability is a thinly veiled attempt to influence the younger generation and secure future political loyalty.

Furthermore, the distribution of maise seeds to each person at the gathering is viewed by some as a cynical attempt to sway public opinion through material incentives, raising concerns about the ethical implications of such actions by government officials.

As allegations of bribery swirl around the Vice President and his wife, questions arise about the true intentions behind their seemingly charitable initiatives, casting a shadow over their public image

Source Zimeye