Vice President Constantino Chiwenga on Monday invaded former President Robert Mugabe’s cabinet minister, Saviour Kasukuwere’s home area and denounced the former Zanu PF political commissar.

Chiwenga was at Chiunye Primary School in Mt Darwin South constituency, where Kasukuwere hails from.

One of Mugabe’s G-40 King pins, Kasukuwere, was disqualified last week as a presidential election candidate by the High Court.

This was after the court found that the former legislator for Mt. Darwin South had failed to meet the basic requirement of being a registered voter to enable him to contest in the August 23 elections.

Addressing the gathering, Chiwenga said he was heartened by the people of Mt Darwin’s high level of political maturity and consciousness which saw them distancing themselves from Kasukuwere’s failed attempt for the presidency.

He said such political consciousness, horned in the liberation struggle, had been a key cog in Mt Darwin’s resolute support for the quest for independence.

He paid tribute to the ruling party’s supporters for continuing to back the revolution particularly at a time President Mnangagwa had set the economy on a path to rapid economic growth.

“What we want is for people to follow the national Constitution if they want to participate in elections,” said Chiwenga.

“There is this gentleman who comes from near this place. He sold out and sought to take the ruling party as personal property. That is impossible. Zanu PF cannot fit in anyone’s pocket but we all fit inside Zanu PF.

“This idea of trying to disrupt our elections will not succeed. If you grandstand, undermining our processes it is you who will fail.

“Our Constitution is clear that our courts are there to interpret the law. If you fall foul of the law, you can’t turn around and start maligning others who were not part to your transgressions,” said Chiwenga.

The Constitution, under Section 169, stipulated that if one wanted to participate in elections, there was a period one was expected to be ordinarily resident in the country.

“That law cannot be changed to suit anybody. It is the law. If you want to be a candidate, you must meet the minimum set requirements,” he said.

Chiwenga said the ruling party and its presidential candidate were ready to face anybody at the polls and were confident of romping to victory on the back of economic development projects being championed by the Second Republic.

He implored the electorate to resoundingly vote for President Mnangagwa and the ruling party candidates so that the Second Republic could continue with the development work currently being championed across the country.

Mt Darwin South ruling party parliamentary candidate Kudakwashe Mupamhanga said the revolution was safe as people in the constituency were ready to affirm it by resoundingly voting for President Mnangagwa on August 23.

“Former members are not members and sellouts will not be tolerated and all those who want to rejoin the party should do so in a proper way like what the Vice President has said.”

Mupamhanga said: “We are emboldened, stronger and energised, ready for the harmonised elections to win for the party and vote for President Mnangagwa. August 23 is a forgone conclusion.”