Wicknell Chivayo has bought Toyota Aqua vehicles for eight more people. He has given cars to six Zimbabwean bloggers, one to self-proclaimed Prophet Talent Madungwe, and another one to Robert Mugabe impersonator Jah Bobo.

Taking to his Instagram account, he announced that he had bought six Toyota Aqua cars for six bloggers. He shared a video of the cars he bought for the six individuals and advised them to go and collect their new car gifts.

“Congratulations to Mssres Carlton Mazinyane (Zimcelebz & Zanu PF 1), Thomson Thomson (Zimcelebrities) , Tafadzwa Muteweri (zimcelebs_ & chopisa tv), Simbarashe Marasha (Zimcelex), Enerst Mukumba (Celebrity New) and Ronald Ncube (Pachopisa). Your contribution through your pages during the Elections can not just go unacknowledged. Every time I went on INSTAGRAM it was positive vibes. Only Mudhara vati, Mudhara vadai and Zanu yati, and so on. You responded well to his Excellency’s call KUTI TAMBAI NAVO PA SOSHO MEDIA musakundwe. And indeed you outshined them with tangible deliverables and proved facts that you consistently substantiated every single day. WELL, DONE, GUYS, and a big THANK YOU for your endless support. It was much appreciated. As my small way of saying THANK YOU please go and see Madzibaba Chipaga at Enterprise car sales. Your 6 Toyota Aqua’s are ready for collection.”

In the same post, he revealed that he had also bought two Toyota Aqua vehicles for Prophet Madungwe and Jah Bobo.

“On a different note, there are people like the heavenly Commander and Jah Bob who always keep us entertained so it is our responsibility to also recognize them. Having said that Jah BOB and Prophet Mandungwe should also go and see the same Madzibaba and get an AKWAYA each.”