Robert Chapman, a United States-based politician and leader of the Democratic Union of Zimbabwe, has announced his withdrawal from the 2023 Presidential election. Chapman expressed gratitude to those who supported his campaign for an alternative option to Zimbabwe’s political landscape. He cited financial constraints, the limited time before voting day, and concerns about possible fractionalisation and infiltration as reasons for his withdrawal. He said:

"I would like to personally thank all those who worked hard and remained true to our cause for an alternative option to the political landscape of Zimbabwe.

As I and we all reflect on this moment, the tough lessons allow the opportunity to build back better and wiser. I look forward to campaigning on the ground with all our successfully nominated candidates and remain committed to improving the dialogue about building a better Zimbabwe."

The Zimbabwe elections, which will elect a President, House of Assembly Members, and Councilors, are scheduled for August 23, 2023. A number of aspiring candidates were unable to register for the upcoming elections due to the high fees charged by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC). The fees for presidential candidates are US$20,000, while those contesting for National Assembly seats are charged US$1,000.