CCC leader Nelson Chamisa has suggested that the party should have never accepted individuals who left the then-MDC to rejoin the party years later as they are now allegedly working to destroy the opposition.

In a cryptic post on the social media site, X, Chamisa said “A Leopard Never Changes Its Spots!”

The phrase “a leopard never changes its spots” means that it’s impossible for one to change their character, even if one tries very hard.

This comes after former MDC member,  Sengezo Tshabangu who left the party with other members after the 2014 congress to form PDP, declared himself CCC interim secretary general and recalled 15 of the party’s MPs and 17 councillors.

Tshabangu and some of the former PDP members including Tendai Biti rejoined the MDC which contested the 2018 general elections as the MDC Alliance.

Former People’s Democratic Party (PDP) vice president, Kucaca Ivumile Phulu, has backed Tshabangu and urged Chamisa to engage him rather than resort to “insults”.

Meanwhile, President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesman, George Charamba, exposed the link between former MDC secretary-general Welshman Ncube and Tshabangu.

Posting on X, Charamba said: “zvakabva kure zvinhu izvi” and reproduced a tweet from 23 May 2020 in which Welshman Ncube said Tshabangu was his young brother.

It was Ncube who was behind the MDC’s first major split in 2005 when he broke away with several senior officials and forced the then-party president, Morgan Tsvangirai, to rebrand the party to MDC-T to differentiate it from the other outfit.