The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) is facing an uphill battle as it grapples with significant financial challenges.

Reports from sources close to the party suggest that the much-touted "Thank You Rallies" might be shelved, or at the very least postponed, due to a lack of funding.

Initially, the CCC had plans to kick off their Thank You Rallies in Manicaland Province. However, the party's plan hit a roadblock when members from the province voiced concerns over funding issues.

Speaking to this publication, a source that preferred anonymity said that CCC members in Manicaland Province were not ready to host the Thank You Rallies.

"The Manicaland committee was clear. They're just not ready to host these rallies due to financial constraints," said the source.

The source added that Itai Musaka communicated to Farai Chinobva, the CCC Director in the Organising Department, that Manicaland was in no position to take the lead on the rallies.

According to the source, Chinobva, who was appointed directly by Chamisa to oversee the rallies' funding and organization, seems to be in a tight spot.

The challenge isn’t limited to just logistics but extends to member contributions too. There’s an evident reluctance among members to financially back the rallies," the source added.

The same source said that while the intention was to roll out the rallies by the end of this month, these unresolved issues have made such a timeline uncertain.

According to the source, the fragility of unity within the CCC was becoming palpable, raising eyebrows about the party's internal cohesion.

The same source said that another blow to the CCC's plans was the potential postponement of the Thank You Rally in Binga. Initially pencilled in for September 31st, it appears that financial constraints are casting a shadow here too.

The source stated that one Carolyn Ndlovu, who was tasked with organising the Binga rally, told Chinobva that members were financially crippled and would not be able to sponsor party activities.

Meanwhile, the financial predicaments of CCC don’t just stem from internal contributions, or the lack thereof. It has also been whispered that the party's primary benefactors are re-evaluating their financial support. These concerns arise from allegations that Chamisa mishandled funds during the campaign phase.