A senior CCC leader has allegedly admitted that the party doesn’t have V11s and V23s from all polling stations used by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) in the 23 August 2023 Harmonised Elections.

The unnamed official made the confession in a WhatsApp group On Monday, and the message has been leaked, according to CCC critic Jonathan Moyo.

On Sunday, CCC leader Nelson Chamisa claimed CCC was in possession of the V11 and V23B forms, whose results were different from those used by ZEC to declare Mnangagwa the winner.

But according to the alleged message from the WhatsApp group chat shared by Moyo on social media, the senior CCC official has rubbished Chamisa’s claims. Reads the message:

There were no V11s and no V23s in 2018 because we didn’t have polling agents in many many polling stations.

We recognised this at the Gwelu Congress and adopted the polling station-based branches to ensure that by 2023 we would have branches at ALL polling stations so that through those branches we would have polling agents at all the polling stations.

In or about January 2022 we jettisoned and abandoned all structures including the polling station-based branches already formed and to be formed and hence destroyed the “vaccine” we thought we had created for the lack of V11s and V23s we had experienced in 2018.

Because of this, the fact is that in 2023 we are back to 2018 and ZANU PF knows it. Anything you hear to the contrary is for internal obvious purposes.

If you think otherwise, ask Ian Makone to produce the V11s from the 12k odd polling Stations.

In another post on Twitter, formerly X, Moyo wrote:

Those in the know within CCC ranks are aware that the plan was to have what in CCC lingo was called “PSPP” [Polling Station Point Person].

This would have ensured that every polling station has polling agents to ensure the collection of V11s from all polling stations.

Chamisa stopped the initiative, fearing that Tendai Biti would use the PSPP to topple him. But little did he know that he was actually shooting himself in the foot.

As things stand, CCC did not cover all polling stations. But it of course did have some polling agents at quite a number of polling stations.

And there are two important facts about this, which are making Chamisa very nervous:

1. One is that at all the polling stations where CCC had polling agents, those CCC agents signed the V11s together with the polling agents of the other candidates.

2. The other fact, which is an open secret within Chamisa’s close orbit in CCC, is that the result from the V11s that CCC got from its polling agents shows that Chamisa lost the presidential election.

Even Chamisa’s sympathetic Western diplomats know that Chamisa lost the presidential election, based on the V11s that were collected by CCC polling agents.

Some of Chamisa’s overzealous inner circle hardliners have been pushing Chamisa to come up with fake V11s to give the impression that he won, but his wiser functionaries, who do not command much influence with him, have counselled him against that folly because they know it’s a crime to come up with fake V11s and it’s easy to detect the crime because V11s have security features besides serial numbers; and all the authentic V11s are in sealed and secured in ballot boxes, together with other election residue.

While ZEC has taken the hard lessons learned from the 2018 fiasco, Chamisa apparently learned nothing from 2018; today he’s in a far worse situation!"