Entumbane residents have implored the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) aspiring councillor Kalazani Ndlovu to avoid nepotism in the expanded public works program if she wins in the August 23 election. An expanded public works program was launched in 2017 by the Bulawayo City Council (BCC) to assist vulnerable residents from different wards to undertake manual work to raise funds to pay their rates.

The manual work includes picking up litter, clearing drainage along roads, filling potholes, and slashing grass. Speaking during an election debate series in the ward where she was only candidate who turned up, residents said they don’t want nepotism in the program as they want vulnerable members of the community to benefit.

Another resident, Khethiwe Tshuma said that they want to be informed of opportunities in the local authority. She added that the aspiring councillor has to present an employment policy to the residents once elected into power. Meanwhile, Tshuma said the aspiring councillor has to advocate for facilities that cater for young people so that they are not hooked on drugs.

Tshuma said when elected into council, CCC aspirant has to call residents for feedback meetings.

“If you manage to be elected into council, call meetings, as residents we had resolved to share information on our own, the councillor who was there was not giving us any information relating to water or refuse collection that is why you are now seeing dumpsites, it’s because we don’t have communication with our councillor,” she said.

In response to the residents’ concerns, Ndlovu said old people will benefit from the expanded public works program while other residents will also benefit from other opportunities.

“We understand that picking papers is an easy job, if old people can get those opportunities, they will be able to pay rates. Old people are my priority because I am getting wisdom from them, so they will benefit in whatever will come and they ought to benefit,” said Ndlovu.

“Not everyone will want to pick papers but there will be other opportunities even from other organizations or Council, definitely I will advocate for each section to have a representative, we will rotate as we don’t have any industries to employ people.”

She said she will engage the development committee and the residents’ associations to submit names of residents who want employment.

“I promise to bring the information to the residents as this does not require money, I will work hard with you on that,” said Ndlovu.