Beatrice Mtetwa withdrew herself from being Marry Mubaiwa’s lawyer in a case she is being accused of trying to kill Vice President Constantino Chiwenga.

Marry Mubaiwa, the ex-wife of Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga, appeared in court facing charges of attempting to kill her estranged husband but Mtetwa was unhappy with the manner in which the case was being handled. She then withdrew her services.

According to NewsDay, the court then asked Mubaiwa if she was comfortable proceeding without her lawyer, to which she responded for the magistrate to do as they wished. Mtetwa had requested a postponement, citing Mubaiwa’s pain from a leg surgery, but the court adjourned for about 20 minutes and asked Mubaiwa to provide medical documents.

When the court resumed, Mtetwa officially withdrew herself as Marry’s legal representative due to the perceived unfair treatment of her client. The magistrate then asked Mubaiwa to decide whether to find another lawyer or proceed without legal representation.

Mubaiwa told the magistrate to do as they pleased and was given a day to find a new lawyer. The trial is set to continue the next day with the testimony of former Health Deputy Minister John Mangwiro. 

Some Context:

Chiwenga, who was unwell in 2019, is accusing his former wife Marry of attempting to kill him when he was bedridden. In court, three witnesses testified that Marry tried to prevent healthcare professionals from helping Chiwenga, with the intention of causing harm. A South African doctor, Willi Leo Sieling, stated that Marry even injected Chiwenga with a poisonous substance, interfered with his medical treatment, and disconnected him from life support.

Marry denies these allegations, claiming that Chiwenga is using them as part of a strategy to divorce her. Chiwenga had been suffering from a condition called idiopathic oesophagal stricture since 2018, which caused blockages in his oesophagus, making it difficult to swallow or vomit. He sought treatment in various countries including Zimbabwe, South Africa, India, and China.