Dear Aunty Lisa

Greetings to you Aunty. I read your column every day. I am a 16-year-old teenager and I am a Christian for almost three years. I would like to get your advice on many things. Since I got baptised, I have been doing a lot of wrong things that I have regretted. I got baptised late 2021 and by the third week of the New Year, I lost my v!rg!nity.

I was so ashamed of myself. In July 2022 I started having ƨǝx again, then I stopped in December. I started having ƨǝx again in February this year and I stopped again last month and have started again.

I want to stop having ƨǝx because I still go to church and pray. Since January 2022 until now I have had ƨǝx with six different men and I don’t know how to control myself. I get h0rny and mad for ƨǝx sometimes and feel like I am going crazy if I don’t have ƨǝx.

The second guy was my old time b0yfriend. I had ƨǝx with him and I gave him a bl0w j0b. He didn’t tell anybody what I did, but I am talking to another guy now. He is 26 and I have a lot of fǝǝlings for him. We stopped talking for a short while and then we had a datǝ last month and we had ƨǝx. Since that day we have been having ƨǝx regularly. He is the sixth person I had ƨǝx with.

Aunty, please give me your advice. My father does not support me and sometimes I cry and ask God to forgive me. I am having ƨǝx with so many guys because my father has neglected me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have ƨǝx for money. Please give me your advice. I am still in school and I don’t want to drop out.