Prophet Shepherd Bushiri yesterday at his monday weekly prayer sessions prophesied that President Mnangagwa is going to easily win the forthcoming elections on the 23rd of August

Prophet Bushiri who is now based in Malawi at his church called Enlightened Christian Gathering Church.

Prophet Bushiri has made several prophecies about Zimbabwe, Zambia,Kenya, Malawi and Africa which came to pass.

 In his latest prophecy he says, "Let’s wait and see, time is a sure test as to whether a man is called or not, I’m seeing a man called Dambudzo Mnangagwa winning the coming elections.” He went on to encourage the congregation to pray for peace during the election period.

"Let's pray for Zimbabweans, I can see bloody clashes as one party will reject the outcome of the election. Court cases will be opened but nothing will change the outcome but so many innocent people will die." He concluded.