The lawyer who won so many cases using a fake qualification left so many people in disbelief. People are born with different gifts and clearly this man was born a lawyer. Winning acase is no child's play, bit this lawyer managed to win more than twenty cases without a qualification.

This lawyer was arrested in Kenya and he is the talk of town after it was found out that even though he does his job so exceptionally, but he doesn't possesses the rightfully qualifications for it. "A fake lawyer named Brian Mnwenda has been arrested in Kenya. He won all 26 cases he handled before his arrest"

People have shared their thoughts on Twitter about this lawyer winning so many cases without a qualification. Some people were saying he shouldn't be arrested because maybe he was born a lawyer. "They better give him a law degree and lick those so called lawyers he won against" Wrote a Twitter user. "people can learn outside the buildings called school, he's not illegal if he knows his onions" Added another Twitter user.