A 26-year-old Councillor, Prince Thuso Moyo, was this Monday elected as the new Mayor of Victoria Falls City, with Councillor Lungile Nyoni as his deputy.

The elections were initially disrupted last week after residents opposed the mayoral candidacy of Ephias Mambume, claiming he was not “local enough.”

Nine elected councillors and two Women’s Quota CCC councillors initially held a closed-door meeting with party leaders to discuss the election. The national leadership reportedly instructed the councillors on who to elect, leading to disruptions by residents during the council meeting.

After consulting with party leaders, the councillors held a new vote, resulting in Prince Thuso Moyo (Ward 7) being elected unopposed as Mayor and Lungile Nyoni (Ward 3) as Deputy Mayor.

The 26-year-old Moyo is the youngest councillor and works as the Managing Director of Platform Trading and Fruit and Vegetable Market. Nyoni who serves as the CCC youth chair in Hwange district says he advocates for youth inclusiveness in decision-making.

Both Moyo and Nyoni were first elected as councillors in 2018.