Approximately 22 pupils from David Livingstone Primary School were reportedly kidnapped yesterday afternoon. The perpetrator behind the abduction was identified as a kombi driver who regularly transported the children from school to their homes in Kuwadzana, The Herald reported. However, a fortunate turn of events occurred when a motorist discovered the stranded children after the kombi ran out of fuel in Macheke. The distressed state of the pupils caught the attention of the compassionate motorist, who promptly alerted the authorities.

The police swiftly responded to the report, apprehending the driver and ensuring the safety and well-being of the traumatized children. The pupils were subsequently taken to Marondera Hospital for a thorough medical examination to address any physical or emotional harm they may have experienced.

Investigations are currently underway to determine the motive behind the kidnapping. The police are actively interviewing the arrested driver to shed light on the circumstances that led to this distressing incident. It has been revealed that some parents in Kuwadzana had been paying the driver for his services, entrusting him with their children’s transportation for an extended period of time. The incident took place around midday, raising further questions about the details surrounding the abduction.

Police are expected to issue a detailed statement on the case.