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    Caps United social media platforms suspended

    By Newsreport.co.zw | Published: 23 Sep 2022

    The Green Machine, currently facing financial challenges as witnessed by regular player protests have their communication channels cut off after the administrator is reported to have not received his dues for his effort.

    The club’s Twitter page which has a huge following of more than 40 000 was set up in 2012 by Causemore Gadeni after he entered into an agreement with the clubofficials.

    Gadeni also went on to set up the club’s Facebook which now boasts of more than 29 000 followers after he officially joined Makepekepe on a full-time basis.

    According to the agreement, the club was supposed to pay him an agreed amount (not revealed) for the digital consultancy but unfortunately that did not happen, instead the club put him on salary which to date is owed 4 months.

    Following several unfruitful efforts to get his dues, the administrator, recently decided to suspend the clubs’ Facebook and Twitter accounts since he enjoys the full access to both platforms.

    For his work, since 5 January 2017, Gadeni is demanding USD5450 or a neat fuel saver car plus USD500 cash. Since that period to date, he has managed to grow the page by more than double.

    “Since January 2017, the Club has never provided with Data. I have been using personal resources at a minimum budget of 25GB per month. Data is charged for a period of January 2017 to June 2022. 25 GB Data currently equivalent to $25. The figures are open to slight negotiation. Alternatively, the club can provide a neat fuel saver vehicle plus $500 cash,” he highlighted in his letter of demand.

    In his breakdown which was carried out in June 2022 when the club’s Twitter page had 39 600 followers, he put the market value per 1000 followers at $200 to come up with USD3800 total plus USD1650 for data.

    He further said, “change of page ownership will only be effected upon payment of full the amount.”

    With the advent of the internet, social media has become an excellent opportunity for any institution to grow their businesses or audiences.

    It gives businesses or institutions an opportunity to have a direct interaction with their audiences.

    Small local football clubs have utilized these platforms to grow their fan base and have worked wonders for them.

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    24 Sep 2022

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