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    She looks like she’s from the 80’s |

    By Newsreport.co.zw | Published: 22 Sep 2022

    p>HOLY Ten has sent social media into a frenzy with his post celebrating the birthday of his girlfriend Kimberley Richard.

    The Zim hip hop prodigy yesterday shared a picture of his girlfriend, with a caption “Happy 21 @kimberley_richard.x. “Time to make some babies . . .”

    The post generated a lot of reaction on social media and was shared by many pages on those streets.

    Kimberley’s picture, however, attracted negative comments, from a lot of social media respondents, who mocked Holy Ten’s girlfriend.

    They claimed she looked older than her age.

    Other respondents were also commenting negatively about her morals.

    The pointed out that she once had a lot of pictures, with other guys, which circulated on social media.

    Even the controversial Shadaya once mocked Holy Ten, during the early days of their relationship, when she posted pictures of her with Jah Prayzah.

    l Below are some of the comments from the social media respondents:

    Greaty Mavendeke: BEAUTIFUL, but she looks older than 21 though


    Dumolwakhe Mthulisi: Kwanzi she is 10 but she is not holy.


    Anotida Zvobgo: I see a lot of negative comments . . . people are too bitter yoo . . . happy birthday Kim.


    Lego General: Beautiful and bad character . . . murder she wrote . . . it’s an old time song from Chaka Demus ‘n’ Pliers, it’s a classic . . . I’m too scared this is another good one . . . feeling musical.


    Gabriel Pondamare: Body count is more than her age…anyway, happy Birthday and, already, you have aged.


    Lin Dah: 21yrs munodziziva here imi?


    Nancy Bigginner: Maireji iri pa 41 zvayo.


    Patience Mungazi: She looks like from the 80s.


    Nhundira Mutsime: She looks at least 27 . . . Haasi makore eku bhora here? ayo.


    Christopher Mudzingwa: She is looking older than her age.


    Veronica Smith: It’s her hapwa saying she is 31.


    Holy Ten did now respond to the questions we sent to him.




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    25 Sep 2022

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