SOCIALITE and entrepreneur, Pokello Nare, has laughed off social media claims that she recently delivered a baby.

Social media has been awash with congratulatory messages for Pokello’s “new-born baby.”

H-Metro contacted the ‘‘Queenofswagger’’ for clarification and she dismissed the rumours.

“Isn’t it what has been said for the past three, four years?” asked Pokello, as she laughed it off.

Meanwhile, she recently shared some relationship advice on social media, which received a lot of reactions, from her followers.

Comedienne and socialite, Madam Boss, was among the followers who reacted to the humorous and witty advice, about relationships.

“In a relationship, the one who writes the longest paragraphs is forcing things,” wrote Pokello.

Madam Boss reacted by posting laughing emojis.

Below are some of the reactions from Pokello’s advice.

Winnymaramba: Ndini nani, tafunga Tinashe Maphosa . . .


Sharon: Ndendichitoda kunyora iri literature review.


Chefkudamakoni: But why??? I love writing, I write PARAGRAPHS for days and I’m told it gives them anxiety when I do.


Tapestine: Eish, there is an element of truth in that caption.

— HMetro