Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s ailing ex wife Marry Mubaiwa is not in the right state of mind to consent to an amputation of her right hand, her mother Helga has confirmed.

In a recent interview with Heart and Soul Broadcasting, Helga said her daughter’s predicament was a difficult one and “seeing her in this helpless state breaks my heart”.

Marry, who is bed-ridden, is facing a cocktail of charges including allegations of forging her marriage to Chiwenga, plotting to kill him while he was sick in South Africa in 2019.

She is also accused of money laundering and assault.

Last week, she was brought to court in a wheelchair after her ambulance was barred from the court premises.

The former model is suffering severe lymphoedema and spontaneous formation of abscesses whose origins have not been determined.

Her mother said Marry was critically ill, failing even to talk. With doctors having recommended that her right hand be amputated, such decisions cannot, however, be made without her consent.

“Currently, she is not feeling well. I can say she is critically ill; and she is not speaking. Even yesterday (last Wednesday) at court, she was in a wheelchair, she was drowsy and she didn’t even know where she was. But because we had to take her to court, we had to find means to do so,” Helga said.

“My daughter’s predicament is a difficult one; and seeing her in this helpless state breaks my heart. Her hand is, indeed, lifeless, but we couldn’t consent on her behalf. We are trying to talk to her to get it removed. She is not in the right state of mind. It is difficult even to persuade her to do so.”

She further stated that the judiciary was letting down her daughter.

“Every human being deserves the same treatment, rich or poor. For Marry, I don’t think she is getting enough fairness in everything,” she said.

“Marry is being treated differently and it’s difficult in her situation. There is some acknowledgement because they do not put her in the dock as usual; they just do the court proceedings while she is in the wheelchair, which means they know and acknowledge that she is not well,” she said.

Chiwenga has since settled down with army Colonel Miniyothabo Baloyi after an acrimonious divorce from Mubaiwa.