Sungura musician Simon Mutambi has distanced himself from a poster that circulated on social media platforms of a show in which he was charging a bucket of maize for entrance.

According to the poster, Mutambi was scheduled to stage a live performance on 21 August at Kamwanza Beer Hall in Rafingora.

The admission requirement for the show was written “or one bucket of maize (chibage)”.

But speaking to source, Mutambi said he wasn’t aware of the show and blamed his detractors for creating and circulating the poster. Said Mutambi:

I don’t even know about that show. I think there are people who want to tarnish my image.

However, a source close to Mutambi’s Cobra Kings band told source that the promoter of the show was the one who was asking showgoers to pay maize as entrance fees. Said the source:

These guys (the band) were given a flat fee to perform at that place. Whoever is the promoter of the show, is the one who will have people pay buckets of maize. 

It’s because, in that area, people are farmers. So they may not have hard cash, but they can bring bags of maize.

That will also happen even for beer sales. There’s nothing different here. Isn’t a bucket of maize around $6? So [effectively] he will be charging more than he usually charges [in cash]. 

What’s happening here is it’s not the band that’s going to be taking money here. The band was given a flat fee and the promoter holding the event is the one who comes from that area.

He is aware of how people in his surroundings can pay up. Because money may be an uphill task for them.

There are usually scenarios like this in different areas. There’s nothing awkward about this anyway.

In other places sometimes they go there and the person receiving payments is the one who knows about the area…

Let’s say people have gold but they have no hard cash – maybe you can say a gram of gold for entry.

Source H-Metro