More Empty Seats Than Audience At Sebastian Magacha Album Launch

Award winning gospel musician Sebastian Magacha had a rude awakening last night at his album launch ceremony which took place in the capital.

Magacha was launching his album I Am Favoured supported by Mambo Dhuterere, Zimpraise, Mudiwa Hood, Tinashe Magacha, Mathias Mhere and Dorcas Moyo.

However, Magacha’s choice of venue came back to haunt him as it emerged that he is no longer as big a star as he used to be a couple of years ago.

Magacha chose the giagantic Harare International Conference Centre and it proved a Himalaya task for him to fill the 4500 seater facility. Pictures circulating online depict the upper compartment of the auditorium – the cheapest ticket section which is usually packed during events of similar nature – nearly empty.


Sebastian Magacha Album Launch
Mudiwa Hood performing at Sebastian Magacha album launch. The upper compartment of the auditorium looking dead. (Cred: Mudiwa Hood Facebook)

Social media users believe that Magacha was overly ambitious to hire such an auditorium.

Lorraine Tanyah

His ambitions were too big for him , he could have find another venue just like what Mathias mhere did at his album launch .kupera apera zvake , he is nolonger Saba wataiziva otherwise dzingori nharo. Inviting other artist to perform was a gap rekut vanhu vauyewo vakawanda

Tafadzwa Faffie Dunira

Winky naJah ndovega vanoizadza so far

Standard tickets were going for US$10.00, VIP US$30.00 and VIP US$50.00

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