RISING author and African Leadership Academy student Tanatsiwa Dube (18) says she has been inspired by singer and actress Ammara to pen a debut book, titled The Bride of Lucifer’s Son.

Published by Blue Diamond publishers, Dube’s book was inspired by Ammara’s independence and her song, Tichichema.

The book will be launched this Wednesday (August 24) at Les Vigo Restaurant and Lounge in Gweru. “I have written a lot of books from a very young age, but they are all unpublished. This is my first publication as I am aiming to create mobility for positive social change in our communities,” she said.

Tanatsiwa Dube’s book , titled The Bride of Lucifer’s Son

“Ammara Brown’s self-determination as a woman has been my source of motivation to pen the book. I am happy with such progress in my journey to be an established author,” she said.

The teen author said she looked up to Ammara greatly.

“She (Ammara) pushes me to be the best version of myself that I can be,” she said.

Dube said the book’s wording and violent expressions suited readers who are 12 years of age and above.

“Our main target market is the youth, our generation shapers. They say that we should catch them young so that they can inspire others and take our world to greater heights,” she said.

“As community members, we need not to engage in conflicts that give birth to further problems such as drug and substance abuse as well as crime.”

She said hard copies of the book will be available at the launch day as well as soft copies on Amazon.

Source Newsday