A MARRIED woman, who accused her husband of calling her a pr0st!tute, in the presence of their neighbours, has had her case dismissed.

Prisca Chironda told magistrate Rutendo Machingura that her husband Esau Maputsa verbally abuses her in front of the children and neighbours.

“He calls me a pr0st!tute in the presence of my neighbours and family. One day he found me plaiting a client’s hair and he pushed me against the wall and beat me up.

“He lies and plants hatred within our families,” she said.

In his defence, Esau said: “My wife stole my US$900 which she doesn’t want to return.

“I admit to verbally abusing her since I will be trying to understand why she doesn’t want to return my money. She disappears from home each time I ask for my money,” Esau said.

He added: “My wife loves money more than our kids. The real reason we are here is because she doesn’t want me to ask for my money.

“I have never assaulted her, but we fought over the US$900 and now she wants to use the law for protection. I can’t have her arrested because she is the mother of my children, but I just want my money back.”

Magistrate Machingura dismissed the protection order application.

Esau was advised to lodge a police report over the missing US$900.

— HMetro