NORTON-BASED traditional musical group Mbira Dzenharira has reflected on cultural erosion in the song Bhurugwa rembwa.

Speaking to source, leader of the group Tendayi Gahamadze said Bhurugwa rembwa was recorded in 2016 by Digital Zone Studios as part of their 13th album Bvungurungwi kwaHwaze, but could not be released due to the downfall of compact discs during the period.

He said the song was aimed at teaching people, especially the young generation to be pioneers of their own culture and not be imitators of other cultures.

“When we were colonised as a nation, most people then started following the traditions and cultures of the colonisers, leaving behind the traditions that define us as Zimbabwe. You will then find out that we tend to copy, but these people we are copying do not shift from their own culture and traditions,” he said.

“All in the name of invention, someone comes up with dog clothing forgetting that the dog wants to live naturally. There is a scheme by the haves they use to control everything, including other human beings.”

Gahamadze said the present generations are failing to protect their culture with most engaging in anti-social behaviours such as drug abuse.

Bhurugwa rembwa was written and produced by Gahamadze and will be released on August 12 through the production assistance of The Sailors Music Collection.

The Mbira Dzenharira band, founded in 1987, has 13 albums to its name with the debut one being Rine Manyanga Hariputirwe in 1998.

Mbira Dzenharira can also be credited for being one of the pioneer promoters of modern-day mbira music. It comprises five members who can play the traditional mbira and hosho (thumb piano and rattle

Source Newsday