Tupac’s Long Lost Brother Found In Zambia


The resemblance is uncanny!

A Zambian doppelganger who is the spitting image of the late American Hip Hop muso Tupac Shakur has caused a stir on social media.

Like the legendary United States rapper,  the Tupac double has a clean-shaven head,  a distinct goatee with a little moustache, and a couple of makeshift tattoos that have left people rolling with laughter.


Tupac's Long Lost Brother
[Image: Facebook]

The tattoos look like they were imprinted on his torso with a whiteboard marker.

Zed Tupac even goes around with a bandana, Tupac Shakur’s signature headgear, and a nose ring.

The lookalike, Fred Thole, also known as Legaah or Zed Tupac II, currently resides in Lusaka,  Zambia.

Thirty-seven-year-old,  Legaah, was born on June 7, 1985, in Ndola,  Zambia, and later relocated to Lusaka, according to Zambian media.

He is married to Zondile Chirwa, and they have a six-year-old son.

Zed Tupac II even decided to maximise his popularity and venture into music.

Legaah reemerged on Facebook, and the lookalike has since gone viral across Africa.

In one of his trending pictures,  he has a homemade tattoo inscribed with words like “2Pac”, “Thug Life” and many other characters like music notes and little cartoons.



Zambian Tupac
Zambian Tupac Legaah [Image: Facebook]

Check out how people reacted to Zed Tupac II.



“10 years of forcing things.”


“He is a good Rapper, so talented. He deserves our Support.”


“Where is this guy? I heard he has been adopted in the USA to act as tu pac.”


“Looks like an 8yrs old did his tats . People must stop torturing their bodies. My brother, you are not 2 pac. Let that sink in.”


Tupac's Long Lost Brother
[Image: Facebook]


“That’s how some guys have lost their way because people are praising them that you resemble a certain artist, and you abandon the real you and start imitating that artist.”


“These are deep-seated forms of slavery that even the real Tupac was fighting. He needs to outgrow this and do something that will be done on his own renascence.” 


“Sometimes when you are doing stuff to your body, think about the people that will be washing your body when you die. Those engravings are traumatizing Imwe ba 1PAC”