Zimbabwe Urban Grooves Musician Ba Shupi has expressed frustration that famous musicians won’t do music collaboration projects with him.

Speaking in an interview with Source, Ba Shupi said he had tried to approach popular local musicians to do collabos with him.

He mentined he had approached artists such as Winky D, Holy Ten, Nutty O, Freeman, and Enzo Ishall.

Said Ba Shupi:

I have approached Holy Ten. I spoke to 7 people before giving up in frustration as I had still not been able to speak to Holy Ten himself. I met Nutty O and he expressed willingness to work with me, but when I spoke to his management, it was a frustrating experiencing. 

I have tried that with Winky, I have tried that with Freeman, I have tried that with Enzo, I have tried that with a lot of artists.

They essentially close the door on you. I end wondering “do these people know that we are all Zimbabwean artists and we need each other?”

Ba Shupi is a Karanga singer, actor, vocalist, and songwriter who sings his own unique style of urban grooves. He rose to fame with the “Godo” hit song he performed with Stunner around 2011