RISING disk jockey Vitalis Daka or Dj Tecco believes that Djs are hardly appreciated despite being a vital component of the music chain.

“Djs deserve credit for the exposure they give to artistes especially up-and-coming artistes,” he said. “I do not seek to be praised, but I feel we are not getting the recognition we deserve for our role in the music industry.”

Djs are hardly recognised or valued, but over the years have played sterling roles in the development of genres like Zimdancehall.

Tecco, has managed to attract a strong following and earn a reputation, which saw him work with various artistes, as he is invited to play at top clubs and events.

“I have worked with many artistes who include Ti Gonzi, Ishan and Eyetal Fyah.

“Over the years I have managed to work and get endorsements from major stakeholders like Zimbabwe Agricultural Society, SVS International, Nash TV, Hatipfeke Junk to name just a few. I also played at many big events that include Fiesta Fiesta, Braai Out Zw, Bush Party, and Dope Party.”

Born and bred in Chitungwiza, his strength is a solid and diverse collection of beats.

“I am a commercial Dj, I play every type of music in order to satisfy everyone during the function or those listening to my performance, since people have different music tastes.

“I hope my different selections touch people, relieve bad days and instil hope. The world is already divided as it is, and being a versatile Dj, who specialises in different sounds unique to various cultures is a way to spread love and unity,” he explained.

The youthful mixer said he was currently working on creating new mixes for his website in the making, as well as his new amapiano track titled The Debut.

Tecco has a dream to one day play on an international stage.

“My dream is to play for an international audience and perform at a place that people would dream impossible. I desire to explore more avenues in my career to equip myself with more experience,” he said. Although he is not yet famous, the talented Tecco’s star has been steadily shining ever since he decided to be a Dj.

“I started playing for free in 2012 at house parties and clubs in order to penetrate the market as a junior Dj, till I became better. In 2014, I became a known Dj in my hood and some areas out of my town through hard work, loyalty and honesty,” he recalled.

Tecco got his inspiration from local and international mix masters.

“I got my biggest inspiration from Dj Clive, selector Gary B and Dj Puffy. Then came my family and friends, my number one fans through thick and thin, from when I was a nobody starting in the industry to where I am now,” he said.

Aside from being a Dj, Tecco is an entrepreneur.

“I have qualification in information technology, I specialise in digital security and vehicle tracking systems. I also assist up-and-coming Djs by providing tutorial courses,” he added.

Source Newsday