FOUNDER of Page Poetry Alive, a poetry collective that nurtures storytellers, Peggie Shangwa is working on The Creative Challenge Show that will blend literature works, digital skills, film and other collaborative arts.

Shangwa said the hybrid three-phase project would be supported by the British Council Cultural Economy Programme.

She said artists would co-create interactive artworks to tell stories and capture languages as part of this experimental and innovative project for climate action. “The Creative Challenge Show is a leadership training, community building and explorative work competition that engages the creative arts for climate action through three segments involving skills training and two elimination rounds,” she said.

“The project aims to support income generation for young people through capacity building, skills exchange and decent remuneration using storytelling in diverse languages in order to create a better understanding of southern Africa.”

The show will feature three teams of artists competing and tackling challenges in real time to create work online and in-person, while being filmed in front of a live audience.

“The project also aims to impact digital spaces using storytelling in explorative ways and creating art that changes the way youths around the world view climate issues. Artists battle online in three groups via Zoom. This will be the first part of the competition with one elimination round. Each episode will be 30 minutes long and finalists have to create something on the spot with the audience being the judges,” she said.

The second round of the project will be a reality television game.

“The last round of the project will feature two teams of three people with the finalists having to create something on the spot. The finalists will be given 15 minutes to complete each task and three tasks for the whole show so that we have three segments from which scores can be gathered,” Shangwa added.

Source Newsday