LYMON Tanaka Moyo believes dance is therapeutic and can be used by youths to deal with issues they find hard to solve.

Driven by this belief, Bulawayo-based artist Moyo and friend Simbarashe Mabhiza established Loxion Dance Club to help create an industry in his society and surrounding communities.

“Loxion Dance Club is a youth-led organisation which uses dance to mobilise youth between the ages of 15 to 28 to stay away from anti-social behaviours such as drug abuse and immoral sexual activities,” he
said. “Through the club, we facilitate workshops with the aim to teach youths life skills such that they are able to earn a living through their different artistic talents.

“Since the formation of the dance group, we are witnessing a positive reception and support from the youths who are willing to join and enhance their talents.”

Moyo said he was happy with the progress they have made so far.

“The journey began with a class of only four people, but now we have 20 all under the age of 21. In our operations we have tried and continue to try our best to create a safe space for them,” he said.

“The initiative has grown, not only to be about dancing, but a lot of these youths are able to escape trauma and troubles as they spend much of their time at the centre.”

Moyo hopes to be able to engage more dancers across the country and penetrate the arts sector.

Although they are making inroads, Moyo said they were still facing financial challenges to stage shows.

“In our efforts to bring change among the youths through dance, we are failing to meet the cost of hiring some musical instruments,” he said, adding that their aim was to conduct free shows on drug abuse awareness.

Source Newsday