WILD and aquatic life has been the major source of inspiration for most of stone sculptor John Gutsa’s artworks.

Although Gutsa also has an interest in human heads artefacts, his art mainly comprises of giraffes, birds, zebras, monkeys, birds and various fish species.

“I am mainly inspired by wildlife because we do not have interaction with them on a daily basis and the most beautiful water life (is hidden in water),” he told source. Gutsa said the sculpting industry was slowly dying, adding that inflation had been the major drawback currently limiting its performance.

“A number of people, especially the current generations, are finding the sculpting industry less attractive because of the rising inflation,” he said, pointing out that most customers were no longer buying their artworks at the actual value.

“Most of the people who buy our art pieces end up negotiating for lower prices and we are forced to comply because we need to purchase raw materials, cater for our families and market our works as well. So, in most cases it is these responsibilities that push us to just sell our works for a lower price which our customers would have appealed for.”

In this digital era, social media has enabled Gutsa to market most of his art pieces.

“I sell my artefacts to anyone who likes my style as well as art dealers from different countries. Although social media has helped me to market my works, sometimes it is difficult to consider other marketing platforms such as websites as it is a bit expensive to maintain,” he added.

The Murewa-bred sculptor started his journey at the early age of 11 making cooking sticks, hoes and axes, among other items.

Gutsa has also worked with other prominent artists such as multi-award-winning Dominic Benhura.

Source Newsday