Two young ladies, probably between the ages of 20 and 30, were caught on camera having a heated argument over a guy.

According to one of the ladies in the video, she doesn’t understand why her friend is dating her boyfriend despite the fact that they are in a serious relationship.

she said, “Why are you talking to my boyfriend? You are aware that we are in a serious relationship and wish to interfere with it “.

The other lady decided not to bother her and continued chatting with the guy on her phone. The main girlfriend became irritated and shoved her.

This prompted the side chick to confide the lady, “You don’t treat him properly. Will he come and date me if you have done everything he has asked of you? Do you know what he gets me? I’m not leaving him today or tomorrow unless he tells me he no longer likes me “.

After seeing this video, some social media users commented that this is what some ladies do. They don’t show their boyfriends love, and when they find out that their boyfriends are dating other women, they become enraged. Better treatment of your boyfriends will keep them glued to you.